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Sunday, April 25, 2010 { 2:42 AM }

Many somethings

This month, I've accomplished quite a lot of things. I'm free as a bird now. Reason being i'm able to update this blog. :)) First, we finally finished and passed our thesis. It surely took a while but heck, what matters is we are done. Over. End. Fin. Haha! I wanted to post this in my Tumblr but i don't want my followers to read every rant i make. I mean, they literally follow you and i can't bare to imagine what they will think after seeing my every post. Besides, i think Tumblr is a site for re-blogging and liking nice landscape pictures, my-bedroom-is-better-than-your-bedroom pictures, Vanessa and Zac Effron's kissing pictures, cupcake pictures (for Pete's sake) among other things. It's not really a blog for posting rants and thoughts (IMHO) of your everyday life but in fairness, pictures hosted by the site are displayed in its truest form and that, i appreciate very much. I just don't see it that "personal".

Going back, I managed to pull of another surprise for the Boss for his last birthday. It was a Ben 10 Themed Kiddie Party at Mcdonald's. I would like to thank Pepay, Dax, Kiko and Mark for being my apprentices. Videos and pictures to follow soon. In addition to that, we already moved places but felt that it isn't the right one. There's just no homey feeling in that house. We can't sleep well, we don't wanna stay there during our restdays and we feel bored when we stay there for more than 5 hours. Dunno why but the boss and I feel the same way. Lastly, we are now regular gym-goers.( nax!) We go to the gym 4 times a week, every other day and try to shed off those unwanted bulges. I became a conscious eater too. I now think how many grams of sodium is present in a certain dish or how many calories will i consume if eat a bag of popcorn etc. Gone are the days of devouring a whopper and large onion rings at Burger King and munching on gummy bears on the way home. Knowing the kinds of diseases you can suffer from not eating right gives me a sudden lump on my throat. The Boss is a very strict work out buddy. Whenever i crave for something he firmly says no and keeps it which is good for me. :)

Lots of pictures to follow from recent events like our El Nido trip last January, UP Fair with Sis Ab and Bro Kiko, the Boss' surprise party and our company's Family Day at Enchanted Kingdom. Gotta upload everything first when the net is finally installed.

See yah then.


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Monday, March 22, 2010 { 11:45 PM }

Earth Hour

Make a Virtual Lantern to show your support for the Earth Hour.

This is my lantern, with a heart to represent love, a G-clef to represent harmony and a star to represent us - that we are all shining beings in our own littlest way.


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Sunday, March 21, 2010 { 10:46 PM }

This is it. This is it!

Just Googled a photo of "thesis defense" and this is what came up:

Been having the jitters since i learned that our defense was re-scheduled 2 weeks earlier before the date we all expected. I go to sleep with the fear of not passing it and wake up to the fact that i can't do anything but prepare myself for the dreaded day. So we all gathered our asses off and started working double time. (Tumblring included).

Our program is almost finished. We just need to revise some minor details and make sure our documentation is grammatically correct. Will post the link of our site once we pass for you guys to see.

Uh ok, i'm lost for words now.
Wish us goodluck.

Yes, thank you.


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Wednesday, March 10, 2010 { 10:54 PM }

Parathrilla in Manila

My only decent shot. Nearly fainted. Awesome Night.


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Saturday, February 27, 2010 { 2:32 AM }

Prins Charming

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters


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{ 2:30 AM }

Calaguas Island, imma see you soon :)

Photo by: annalyn


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 { 2:21 AM }

P.S. Screw you, Kuya

I am Gian, an unofficial member of a family with third party sluts hereby declare that this is one of the worst days of my life.

I just learned that my sis-in-law found a "hidden folder" in the camera my brother accidentally left before going back to Madrid. The images in that folder was purposely hidden (for obvious reasons). I guess my bro thought that we were stupid and that we won't be able to see it since the default folder options of a computer will not display those kind of files. But lo and behold, we did. I mustered to myself "i guess you are dumber than i am".

So we saw the images. He and a Spanish girl in each other's arms. Another one with their lips intertwined. Poor sis-in-law nearly fainted.

For the information of everyone who follows this blog, i have 7 siblings. 2 brothers which are from my father's 1st wife. A newly born sister from my father's 3rd wife and 2 more siblings from my mother and his 2nd husband. I only have one biological brother who i respected and loved. He was my hero in those times of danger, he was the only one who understood me when i walked out of my mom's life. He was the only one who eats powedered orange juice with me. Years ago, he tried his luck in a foreign country. To cut the story short, he succeeded. I was happy for him, he even told me that if i went with him in that World Youth Day trip, i could be living a better life right now. I told him i'm okay, as long as one of us is doing well, everything's well. Since we got each other's back.

My brother and i grew up separately. We only see each other at school. He lived with my Lola while i stayed with my dad. The reason for that is because our parents separated when we were young and they had their own respective families when were learning how to say bad words. Both of us knew how hard it is to be a product of a broken home. How hard it is to spend christmas with people that only cares for you because you do household chores for them in return. We literally felt like slaves in our own families. We had our own share of stories of different houses we lived in. Just so we can go to school. I remember him telling me stories of how my tito trained him to butcher pigs that they sell and how happy he is to receive his share of money and buy the things he wanted. He was a very humble person. I told myself that if i were to have a bf, i would choose one that resembles him.

He said that we should not be like our parents.
He said that we will be normal people and be exempted from the common outcome of broken families.
He said that we should be grateful if someone will love us despite of what we are.
He said that we will build our homes on a same lot so we can still look up for each other even if we already have our own families.
He said that we will be madly in-love with our partners and have adorable kids.
He said that he will not allow anything to destroy his family nor mine.

And now this?

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