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Wednesday, July 29, 2009 { 3:51 AM }

Melancholic Sadness

Since when does changing schedules make someone cry? Maybe now. I guess i'm just overreacting to things that doesn't really matter. The boss' schedule just changed and his restdays are Wed-Thu so that means i'm left all alone at home on my restdays. I go to school from Mondays thru Fridays and work from Tuesdays thru Saturdays and that means that his restdays fall on the days when i have work and school at the same time.

Talk about bonding. PFFFFT.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009 { 2:39 AM }

Day 4 - Back to the busy city :(

We were awakened by the sound of the waves hitting the shore. Turned out it was raining hard. We were thankful that the rain fell on this day since we have completed all our activities already. Clueless as we were on why it was raining, the caretaker told us that there was a low pressure area around.

We availed of our last free breakfast at the resort and prepared our things. The van who’s gonna bring us to the resort was already there when we checked out.

Nothing really much to say about this day (or i'm just feeling lazy). When we arrived at the airport, we were amazed by the cute twins dancing to Poker Face who was also on the same flight as we were. They pretty much provided the entertainment at the airport while waiting.

Our flight was distressing because of the turbulence. We were "air" stranded for 30 minutes due to the number of planes on the tarmac which was also delayed because of the bad weather. I am seriously afraid to fly now.

So that concludes our Bohol experience. If you have questions regarding itineraries, prices and other things feel free to leave your e-mail add at my cbox so i can contact you. :)

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009 { 7:29 AM }

Bohol Adventure - Day 3

Okay, on with our 3rd day .

Mang Viao fetched us to go dolphin watching and island hopping as early as 5:30am. The water was calm and the breeze was cool. You won’t even feel like you are in the middle of the ocean. We went past Alona Beach and saw the whole of Panglao Island in its morning beauty.

After an hour, we saw other boats on the same area and like us, they were waiting for the dolphins to emerge from the waters and when they did, boy it was like war! The boats were racing to get near them because they only surface for a few seconds then changes direction again. My 55-200mm lens weren’t enough for we are very far from the spot where they appeared. So we waited a few minutes more and voila! They jumped just a few meters from where we were! Hahahaha! I was shouting like a 3-year old kid when I saw them. The boss was busy recording with his camera.

That was it. We headed off to Balicasag Island to visit the Fish Sanctuary. The spot where we docked doesn’t have the fine sand that you see in Dumaluan Beach. We decided to tour the island first so we walked inside it and were surprised to see houses, day care center, a school and a baranggay hall.

I was too excited to snorkel so we headed to the sanctuary after a couple of minutes. Once I dove in, I was amazed to see a school of fish below me, I was right on the edge of a cliff and I can see every kind of fish playing and racing for tiny bits of bread that are being fed by the people. In all my snorkeling experiences, Bohol has got to be the best so far. This is the only place where I saw colorful fishes in their most comfortable habitats and not scared of people! The boss and I really had a great time and good thing our boatman/tour guide was a good swimmer so he dove a few meters below us so he can take pictures of us together.

We snorkeled for about 2 hours. The sun was hot and it was blistering my skin when I resurfaced. We decided to go back and enjoy swimming more at the resort. We were starving when we went back to the kubo where we will have our lunch so we ordered fresh buko for 20 pesos each and much to my delight; it was the sweetest buko I ever tasted. I wonder how it turned out so sweet when its soil is above salty water. Hahaha! Ironic. We picked our kind of fish and it costed us P230 for this:

You will also have to pay an extra hundred for the "paluto" with all the condiments and additional 10 pesos per cup of rice which was not bad for a fresh catch. I don't really have the guts to eat big fishes like the swordfish and mayamaya so I was happy to see these little ones on display. I don't know but i can't tolerate the after taste of fishes. I was really happy to see our fishes cooked and served to us like this:

See? It wasn't bad after all! We ate happily while listening to some stories about Balicasag Island from the elders that were there. They said that their ancestors where there first before the lighthouse was built. That they are technically squatters but the US Navy who bought the island from the Philippine Government agreed for them to settle there since they were the people who first discovered the islands etc..After a few chit chats we knew that the one who served us our food was the Baranggay Captain of the island and his wife. They were so accommodating. It was really nice to connect with the locals as you get to learn the history and how they live in an island that the only means of transportation to the city is a motorboat. Being the people loving person that I am, I made sure i had a shot with the kapitan's wife. She invited us to come back as their guests every July because its the island's fiesta and she said we can stay at her house for free. Making friends with the locals is really fun. Hahaha!

Too bad i already forgot her name. But i know where they stay. :)

After 3 bukos and a very hearty lunch we took off and headed to Virgin Island. It’s a sand bar which you can only see when its low tide. It doesn’t have any settlers since it tends to sink when the waters are high. We stayed for a while and enjoyed its pristine sands and did lot of camwhoring there.

We asked Mang Viao to take us back to our resort since the heat of the sun is unbearable. We gave them P2000 for the whole trip inclusive of snorkeling gears and life vests. While waiting for the sun to set, we just lounged at the shore and I continued to read my magazine. We took a dip when the sun was down but didn’t enjoyed much because there wasn’t a part of the beach w/o starfishes, sea urchins so we can’t really go for a freestyle. After that, we just rinsed and slept.

We woke at around 8pm to have dinner at Dumaluan Bar and Grill which is just a few meters away and had Buttered Shrimps and Liempo with Mango Shake.

Dumaluan 2 Bar and Restaurant

Liempo - P90

Buttered Shrimps - P180

a good meal will cost you around P400-P480 - not cheap

It rained hard and we were forced to stay in the comfort of the kubo because we can’t let Eva get wet. The rain stopped after a glorious one a half hour and we went back to our room to watch a movie then slept again after. That night, I was kinda gloomy knowing that we’re coming back to Manila once the dawn breaks.

Yes! I finished another entry. I feel fulfilled. Day 4 tom.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009 { 3:01 AM }

Bohol Adventure - Day 2

We woke up early on the next day to catch the sunrise. We were told that the sun rises on this part of the island so i prepped my tripod on the shore and started shooting while the boss was busy making coffee.

good morning!

As suggested by our very kind tour guide, we didn't rented a van on our 2nd day to explore Panglao Island. He said that you can tour the whole island and go to the must-see places in 4 hours. So we asked Mang Ed, the owner of our resort to contact someone who we can hire a motorbike from. We paid him 600 for the entire day and the boss and i took off.

We first went to Flushing Meadows to see our good friend Johnna who was there for a conference. We hadn't seen each other for quite sometime and were delighted when we knew that we will be able to see each other in Bohol. I really missed her since she left for another company, we used to be seatmates at work and used to curse and shout at our clients at almost the same time every day. Hahahaha! Old times old times. We decided to have breakfast at Bohol Bee Farm for a change of atmosphere.

inside the farm's delicacy shop

assorted baked-fresh everyday muffins

playing around with the souvenirs

the farm's breakfast area (they only serve breakfast here)

fried bangus with herbed brown rice

toasted herbed bread with egg

After stuffing ourselves and lots of catch up kwentos, we started the tour of the farm. For only 20 pesos, a tour guide will roam around with you and feed you with all the information you need to know about the farm and how they produce organic products.

this is the only group shot we have, but too bad the guide's hand were not that steady

Me thinks that the guide was nervous, because all throughout the tour, he was stuttering. We told him not to be scared as we don't bite. :D. The most amazing story of the tour is the life of the bees. The Queen bee is hybrid. So stop dreaming to become a queen bee if you are a worker bee. If a male bee wants to have sex, he will sacrifice his life because a male bee dies instantly after droning the queen bee. The female bee only lasts 45 days and they don't even got the chance to have fun because once they were born a worker they die a worker. Sad right? Anyway, Johnna's flight was on the same day so she got off ahead of us because it was near lunch already.

the worker bees which are all females

The boss and i headed to find Hinagdanan Cave. I really can't help thinking about the bees, i feel very lucky to be a human, if i were a bee and the boss was a bee too, we will start our own colony and have sex together. So he dies in my arms. bwahahaha! LOL! Moving on, since we don't know how to get to the cave, we asked our way around. Good thing the locals are very accommodating and very kind enough to tell us how to get there. After a few turns we realized we are lost. Hahahahaha! It was very fun to get lost! We passed by a very long road with no houses and adorned by vasts of green fields with lazy cows and goats running around. I said "aahhhh!" and thought to myself that this is the life. No traffic, no pollution, no one demanding anything and just pure fresh air entering my lungs and going through the process of turning itself to carbon dioxide. The boss and i started shouting "yeaaah! bohol rocks!" and topping that off with "III LLLOOVVEEE YOOOUUU BOOOSSS!!!" and replying with "IIII LOOOVEE YOOUU MOOSSSTT BBHIIIEEE!" shouts. Hahahaah! We looked like crazy but it really felt great. The only time we stopped shouting is when we saw the national road that revealed houses and we think we were on the right way since we saw a landmark to where we are going. Okay so much for the illusion of getting lost. Hahahaha! We finally reached the cave.

It smelled like fresh water and pee inside but its okay. No air circulates inside so you'll be used to it anyway. It was pitch black also except for the ray of light shining its way through the hole above. I didn't realized that the cave was this stunning until i took this photo. There were locals swimming in the water and others are taking pictures as well. We didn't stayed long because i felt claustrophobic as soon as ten more people started descending the stairs.

It was already 2 o' clock in the afternoon and we realized that we didn't had lunch yet. Our next stop was Alona Beach. Its another area in the island where tourists flock and stay because of the number of different resorts that they can choose from. We had lunch at one of the restaurants there named Hayahay Pizza which claims to have the best pizza in the island. So we gave it a try :

i forgot the name of the pizza but its was just okay for my taste a medium costs P240

buffalo wings which i expected to be around 4 pieces for its price of P200

and the very salty vegetable salad P170

honestly, we didn't liked any of the food we ordered but since we were very hungry we just finished everything. The boss just told me to enjoy and savor the time and scenery. This is the view outside our window:

After eating, we walked by the shore and checked if its sand is finer than the one in front of our resort. The sand is just the same texture but our shore was way cleaner. There a lot of seaweeds in this part of the island and a lot of cigarette butts. Of course hindi mawawala ang picture taking:

We decided to go back to our resort since the sky is starting to get dark and we don't want to drive while we are drenched. We just lazed around the shore and i continued reading my magazine when the sun started to shine again. So we started taking pictures at the shore and beach. Since it was low tide already there were a lot of starfishes and other creatures on the sand.

We had dinner at Dumaluan Grill and ate indian mango that we bought from the locals. The boss had a few drinks and i had shake. We called it a day at around 6pm. We showered and settled in the soft beds for a movie marathon. This is the fun of doing things your way. You manage your time and not get crammed with a schedule all the time.

Third day coming soon. Gotta catch up with Mafia Wars now. :)

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