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Thursday, May 28, 2009 { 2:40 AM }

Sembreak is over

Okay. I didn't even felt it. The only thing that i enjoyed the most is going straight home after work with the boss and sleeping longer hours and eating a lot more. I got the chance to go out one hot Sunday for a shoot with the ShutterXP group from Flickr and was able to meet a lot of "makukulit na tao" and we were all laughing our asses off the entire day. Here are some of my shots :

I really enjoy going out with fellow photogs. I don't really have the time so i took the chance of going to that 1st EB since it was the last day of my vacation. The boss didn't hesitated when i asked him if i could go. He just asked me to be at home not later than dinner since he will cook for me. (love you boss :-*)

Okay. I got myself enrolled and here is my schedule:

13:00-15:40 Object Oriented Programming

15:40-17:00 Environmental Science

10:00-12:00 Physics 2

13:00-15:00 Computer Architecture
15:00-22:00 Interactive Multimedia

Thesis A has no schedule since we will just meet for i think once a week.

T-Sat : 1:00-10:00 Work

Sunday : no work + no school = boss and me day

Okay. Last May 15, my bestfriend Jemima arrived from Japan to watch David Cook and David Archuleta live at Mall of Asia. We just had a very quick dinner by the bay and agreed to meet again at another time when we can spend the whole day together.

Haaaay! i was so happy to see her again! We didn't had a lot of time catching up since they're gonna watch the concert so we agreed to meet again after that.

Of course the ever supportive boss was there even if his feet are already aching for following us around.

Okay. Number 2: Explain the cause and effect of Global Warming. pffft!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009 { 6:58 AM }

Mr. Paqs wants to stay

Okay, so the boss and I went to greenhills to sell it but they only priced it for 14k. Are you fucking kidding me? 14k lang? Sayo na 14k mo!

We just wento PC express to get the RAM and HDD upgraded for 3700. That's it. I'm happier now. I guess this lappy just doesn't want another owner.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009 { 6:20 PM }

ciao mr. paqs

This cervical cancer vaccine hurts like hell. I got myself injected earlier at work and up to now i can't seem to be at ease with the pain. This is my first time to have a vaccine here in the phils, mamu told me that in Madrid they do it in the butt. Hell, i was too young then and i guess i've been sucking on my mother's nips for the longest time after the immunization. So here i am, blogging away since i can't sleep.

The boss and i got home around 11.30am after going to Borough Medical Clinic to have myself checked for my digestion problems. I've been very constipated these past few weeks even with countless mixings of oatmeals and intake of fiber-rich foods. The doctor told me to submit a stool sample and if worse will come to worse, i need to have a telescope thingy to stick up my ass to check if there's something inside my colon. I'm not scared. I've never been scared of doctors and needles and other medical procedures. I'm more scared at seeing roaches and their eagle-like wings.

Moving on, i will be reformatting this laptop so i can sell it like new. Will be replacing my Mr. Paqs with another 14" compaq model as well. I'm having a hard time travelling with this 17" widescreen lappy and i'm getting lazy in bringing it to school because it hurts my shoulders so much. This is Mr. Paqs the day i bought him. He was born last July 2007.

Haaay..i can still remember how happy i was when i was using it for the first time. This laptop is my first and my 2nd investment after my electric guitar. Buying things with your own money really makes it worth it. Now its time to let it go.

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