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Monday, April 27, 2009 { 7:12 AM }


The boss and i went to Naga City to attend the wake of his Grandfather so i had the chance to meet all his relatives from his mother side. They were cool. I got along well with the cousins and we just spent the day laughing and updating each other of our so-called lives. Finally at around 4pm, the beer that Kuya Emil specially requested to be included in the daily grocery list arrived and we started with the ever so famous red horse. I volunteered as the "tanggera" and we drank till around 9pm i think (i was so drunk after 24cans) and they continued with another 24cans of san mig strong(argh!) the boss was already tipsy when i went outside after taking a very long and cold bath. Then we went to the city to try the Kinalas, its just their term for noodles but it tastes very nice. It has a gravy-like sauce that you add into the soup and you pair it with fried siopao. We left next thing in the morning and since we don't have pre-booked tickets we only took our chances of getting a bus.

And hell broke loose.

There it was the mighty Philtranco. Which really pissed me off the entire trip. The regular Naga-Manila trip should only last 8-9hours but we were at the bus for freakin' 12 hours! Imagine our butts getting callouses for seating that long. Their stop-over place was not that good err nice err ok. They consider themselves a restaurant but where in the world will you see a restaurant with lots of stray dogs waiting beside you as if they are your bestfriends? The service is horrifying. The vendors are just clad in sandos and no hair nets at all. Since we left Naga at around 9am we didn't had the chance to buy ourselves a good meal and all the stores at the terminal only offered snack and junk foods. I just settled for a stick of bbq which is as hard as stone and cup of rice which i think was just reheated on that day. Our stomachs were grumbling so we didn't had a choice but to eat their very lame food. This Philtranco bus company must know how their passengers feel after a very long and bumpy ride and must at least give them the decency to rest and indulge in a not necessarily expensive but nice, clean, dust-free and delicious food stop overs. My disappointments really took its toll.

I'm warning everyone who wants to go to Naga or any other city in Bicol to never avail of Philtranco services because they simply suck big time.


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 { 5:47 PM }

Mini-Docu for the Boss' Birthday

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Thursday, April 16, 2009 { 7:24 AM }

My Surprise for the Boss :)

I was so happy and my heart melted when i saw his reaction to what i did. Although i also need to save up for personal expenses, i made sure that his birthday celebration will be extra special because he finally graduated from college. I'm very proud of him. He really pursued his studies despite lack of sleep and fatigue from a 9-hour shift at work and as an extra bonus, he did graduated with very good grades.

So for this year's celebration, i availed of the Romantic Dinner Package from Seven Suites Hotel and Observatory in Antipolo.
It includes:
The boss was clueless about it. I also got him an F1 RC car which he really wanted to have ages ago..but he was too hesitant to buy it himself because he said that there are a lot of things that needed to be done first. (in short - kuripot) . I told him we're gonna go to the hotel for a photoshoot and the other photogs invited us for dinner first before starting. So as comfy as always, clad in shorts and his favorite white t-shirt we left home and i was nervous already as i try to repeat the lines i'm gonna use for the introduction of the video. We arrived at the hotel 30 minutes earlier and i told him that i'll just check if the other photogs are there already. So i left him in the car and i started to go upstairs and got giddy when i saw the 4th floor with red and white petals on the floor and little candles everywhere!!! I was so tensed that i forgot to take pictures of the stairs. After instructing the butler how to use the vid cam, we phoned the receptionist to call the boss. When the boss finally saw me, he was all smiles and he didn't know what to do hahahaha! He just kept on fixing his hair (he's nervous when he does that) and i greeted him and asked him to go outside and he can't believe his eyes when he saw the set-up and the flowers I gave him. The waiter started serving the food and everything was great. Well except for the steak, I made sure its make it well done but my knife can barely go through it. The boss kept saying that he can't believe i surprised him again this year. He said that he won't be able to imagine that kind of gift for his birthday..he also added that this is his first time to recieve flowers and such. He told me that i made him feel like a prince. (woopee!!!)

After dinner, we just hanged along until the astronomer came, he gave us a brief background of what he does, mounted the telescope and we started to learn about the big deeper, sirius, the planet saturn and its moons, the brightest star at night and the moon. It was really amazing when I peeked in the telescope and saw saturn! It was really Saturn with the ring and all! Hahaahah! We felt like 12 year old kids! We called it a night at around 10pm because i have DBMS class the next morning. But the boss asked me not to go to school since he wants to be beside me all day. (kilig!) When we arrived home, he already played with his toy car and watching him and his smiles made me really feel like : "yes! i did it!"

Here are some blurred pictures, my hands are too shaky that night haha!

The video deserves another post. Will do soon!

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Friday, April 10, 2009 { 6:55 AM }

Funshoot at Sunken Garden

For the longest time, I've been wanting to go with fellow friends to photowalks and other shoots but i just don't have the time. Thank heavens for the Holy Week because everybody doesn't have work (excluding me, arrggh!) and school.

So i took the chance of inviting old friends who helped me with my multimedia project before and went to UP Diliman (t'was my first time there..yeah yeah.. i know hehehe!) to take some stills. I learned a lot from the other photogs who were more experienced than I was and applied it to my shots. Here are some :

model : Marjorie Obras

model : Angel Barrameda

We were havin' lots of fun!!!

Thank you Kat, Pot, Bernice, Angel, Marj and Direk. :) next time ibang theme naman.

PS. special thanks to Pot for lending me his lens :)

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Friday, April 3, 2009 { 6:23 AM }

Flower talk

the boss and me chatting :

[15:15] leohilariosbs: bhie pasensya k nah di p kita nabibigyan ng flower
[15:15] leohilariosbs: kahit isang beses
[15:15] giantherockstar: o anong drama yan?
[15:15] leohilariosbs: wala lang
[15:15] leohilariosbs: naisip k lang
[15:15] giantherockstar: ssshhh..
[15:15] giantherockstar: in due time
[15:15] giantherockstar: ASAAAA akooo!!!
[15:15] leohilariosbs: wow
[15:16] leohilariosbs: hahaha
[15:16] leohilariosbs: eto naman
[15:16] leohilariosbs: mlay mo naman one of this days
[15:16] giantherockstar: oh yeah
[15:16] leohilariosbs: hehehe
[15:16] giantherockstar: pag nakaburol na ako
[15:16] giantherockstar: for sure daming flowers dun nakastand pa
[15:16] leohilariosbs: ano ba mangyayari pag binigyan kit ng floser
[15:16] leohilariosbs: floser
[15:16] giantherockstar: ewan ko
[15:16] leohilariosbs: flower
[15:16] giantherockstar: di ko alam
[15:16] leohilariosbs: amof
[15:16] leohilariosbs: ampf
[15:16] giantherockstar: siguro matutuwa ako at mafifeel ko yung nafifeel ng ibang girls
[15:17] leohilariosbs: naalala ko tuloy nung nakita m c hurley
[15:17] giantherockstar: oh beket?
[15:17] leohilariosbs: parang ako p ung kinilig
[15:17] leohilariosbs: eh
[15:17] giantherockstar: :))
[15:17] giantherockstar: seryoso?
[15:17] leohilariosbs: oo kaya
[15:17] leohilariosbs: db nga ung tawa k abot abot
[15:17] giantherockstar: oo hehehehe
[15:17] leohilariosbs: hihihihi
[15:17] giantherockstar: iba yung feeling bhie
[15:17] giantherockstar: kase 1st time ko nakatanggap
[15:18] leohilariosbs: aaaaaaaahhhhh

so what does "aaahhhh" mean?! yes or no? pffft.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009 { 7:07 PM }

T'was such a fucking awesome day

Efcor Resort, Angat Bulacan

After 4 years, my cousins and i with the boss bonded again..and i mean really bonded. I almost peed on my shorts because of laughing (hahahaha) my Kuya Alexan's jokes really hits me in the gut!!! I missed all of them badly. Ever since our other cousins migrated to California we didn't had the chance to bond like this again..because of conflicting schedules and other's just don't have the time.

On this day the "shoulder move" was born. Haha! Its not really a dance step, you only move your shoulders from side to side depending on the beat of the song..even Mamu tried it! We were all laughing like crazy and like we were the only people in the resort hahahaha! Here are some scenes (naks! parang movie ah. hihi!) :

"matino pa" shots:

after a few martini on the rocks:

and of course, the "feeling model" shot

We called it a day at around 9pm and headed home. Of course the ever supporting boss was there.

haay..kailan kaya ulit? calling nepo clan!!! :) :)

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{ 3:08 AM }

I have a blog..now what?!

I want to post something..but because of the not so exciting things that are happening in my life right now (excluding the boss of course) i don't really have anything to share..hmmm..maybe after this sunday..the boss and i will go biking..will also bring Eva so i can take some snapshots.

Eva is by the way rightfully mine already. I fully paid her last monday. yey!!!

Here she is :

ok back to work. pffft.

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{ 2:41 AM }

He's the one...

i want to spend the rest of my life with... :)

kudos to erene for tweaking my blog (labyah inday :-*)

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{ 2:13 AM }

And my 1st post goes to...

My bestfriend Jemima who's celebrating her birthday todaaayyy!!!

These are the top 7 of the million reasons:

1.She's the one who sheltered me before when i stowed away from home.

2. She was the one saved me from walking to school because i don't have any money to pay the fare.

3. She is the one who never gets tired of sharing her food with me.

4. She is the one who willingly teaches me in the subjects that i don't do well in school.

5. She made me feel like i'm a part of their very fun and loving family.

6. She understands my every mood.

7. She is the one who introduced me to the Lord Jesus Christ. (I can still remember crying that night.)

We maybe so far apart for so many years already but you will still and will always be the only bestfriend i ever had. love you bhest! Happy Birthday! :-*

PS. let us please take more pictures the next time you come here. :)

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