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Wednesday, September 9, 2009 { 4:17 AM }

Sis Abie's 23rd

Late post # 2

1st leg of my sembreak happenings :)

August 29, 2009

My long time friend and Philmusician sister, Abie celebrated her birthday in their farm with her closest friends. I was tasked to be the photog for the event weeks ago and I was already ecstatic about it. The boss wasn’t able to come because he changed schedules. They hired several vans for the transportation to accommodate everyone. There were about 30 of us and I only know the celebrant and 5 friends. So it was like meeting new people for the first time with the same goal – to party and make the celebrant happy. It was awesome. I never expected it to turn out that fun. I met new friends. Met a lot of crazier friends. Sang Oops I Did It Again and Pokerface on the videoke. Danced like Lady Gaga (oh yes. So much for my rockstar image :D) Ate a lot. Drank a lot more water. I didn’t drank beer because I knew my asthma is gonna party with us too. And it did. Ditto hit me twice because of laughing and I cried because of laughing too hard. I did a very impromptu speech for the celebrant and I didn’t know if I convinced her parents of what I said.

The place

Our group was the first to arrive. Thanks to the driver of the van who drove like it was his first time on the express way. We were hitting 160km/h!


And we saw Sis Abie - smiling, excited and giddy!

and Baby Hershey of course

And everybody else : UP Cinema friends, Sorority Sisters, Highschool friends, Studio 23 officemates, SlapArmy and the Roxymorrons.

Everybody had a good time. After having dinner, a very short program came after. A star-studded AVP for Sis Abie by her Studio23 officemates, wishes, birthday greetings and exression of love for the celebrant. Everybody was happy, sweet and in a very light mood. I've never been to a party like this before. It was pure clean fun and heart-racing laughter.

The hosts :

The wish makers :)

It was midnight then and we sang the celebrant her birthday song and she blew her cake.

A videoke contest "Happynest Style" happened after. With a price of P2000, everyone from their group seletected a representative to sing. Liv, the celebrant's officemate bagged the prize after singing a very heartful "Torete".

Everybody had their own share of activities after the contest. Others went swimming, some bonded over drinks but we, we never left the videoke. I had a good time with Rex, Ayn and Dohna and the Roxymorrons.

The party ended with a smile on everybody's faces as we all go back to Manila.

Who would think that i only met them that day huh?! It was a very crazy, wacky and outrageous night! One of the happiest I ever had since going back to school.

Came home at 5am. Just in time before the boss comes home from work :)


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{ 3:14 AM }

Mamu's Big Day

Late post # 1.

July 19,2009

Our annual trip to Bulacan this time with Ken. Julia couldn't make it. So it was me, the boss, Chadi, Lemon, KC, Meimei,Ken, Jepay and Reuel.

Surprised Mamu with a new phone. :) nabatukan pa ako sa sobrang saya nya. :))

other pics are from Jepay's lx3 and Reuel's d80.
Location: Norzagaray, Bulacan

Let the pictures do the kwento :)

Mamu with the Marias

when i gave her the phone

"nyek!" - mamu

mamu's so cheesy, she got teary-eyed

"new phone ko oh!"

the gang (strobe by reuel)

the boss


while the other's were busy with the videoke, we went out to shoot

the boss and i had our shots too

My auntie lucy, ate nayla and my groovy lola :)

Mamu and Me

I guess next year's gonna be a better celebration. I'm planning to bring Mamu with my sibs to Bohol..its been awhile since they had a vacation. That would be my gift to her since i will finish school soon. I love you mamu! :-*


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