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Saturday, February 27, 2010 { 2:32 AM }

Prins Charming

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters


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{ 2:30 AM }

Calaguas Island, imma see you soon :)

Photo by: annalyn


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 { 2:21 AM }

P.S. Screw you, Kuya

I am Gian, an unofficial member of a family with third party sluts hereby declare that this is one of the worst days of my life.

I just learned that my sis-in-law found a "hidden folder" in the camera my brother accidentally left before going back to Madrid. The images in that folder was purposely hidden (for obvious reasons). I guess my bro thought that we were stupid and that we won't be able to see it since the default folder options of a computer will not display those kind of files. But lo and behold, we did. I mustered to myself "i guess you are dumber than i am".

So we saw the images. He and a Spanish girl in each other's arms. Another one with their lips intertwined. Poor sis-in-law nearly fainted.

For the information of everyone who follows this blog, i have 7 siblings. 2 brothers which are from my father's 1st wife. A newly born sister from my father's 3rd wife and 2 more siblings from my mother and his 2nd husband. I only have one biological brother who i respected and loved. He was my hero in those times of danger, he was the only one who understood me when i walked out of my mom's life. He was the only one who eats powedered orange juice with me. Years ago, he tried his luck in a foreign country. To cut the story short, he succeeded. I was happy for him, he even told me that if i went with him in that World Youth Day trip, i could be living a better life right now. I told him i'm okay, as long as one of us is doing well, everything's well. Since we got each other's back.

My brother and i grew up separately. We only see each other at school. He lived with my Lola while i stayed with my dad. The reason for that is because our parents separated when we were young and they had their own respective families when were learning how to say bad words. Both of us knew how hard it is to be a product of a broken home. How hard it is to spend christmas with people that only cares for you because you do household chores for them in return. We literally felt like slaves in our own families. We had our own share of stories of different houses we lived in. Just so we can go to school. I remember him telling me stories of how my tito trained him to butcher pigs that they sell and how happy he is to receive his share of money and buy the things he wanted. He was a very humble person. I told myself that if i were to have a bf, i would choose one that resembles him.

He said that we should not be like our parents.
He said that we will be normal people and be exempted from the common outcome of broken families.
He said that we should be grateful if someone will love us despite of what we are.
He said that we will build our homes on a same lot so we can still look up for each other even if we already have our own families.
He said that we will be madly in-love with our partners and have adorable kids.
He said that he will not allow anything to destroy his family nor mine.

And now this?

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Saturday, February 20, 2010 { 2:11 AM }


    Hippie wanna-be lame attempt no. 1

I slept over at Peps' house last Wednesday. Too bad she needs to leave for work but t'was okay. Being there made me realize that i really have somebody's back. It's been years since i crashed into someone's house but this one felt like home. I'm not saying this because she's my friend. I had my fair share of slumber parties before and i'm telling you i was very cautious since i was scared to break something. This one's different. It felt like my own room filled with different things that i can freely use and i honestly thought i wanted to dance in her big bathroom while taking a shower.

I guess the main reason for this post is to thank her for letting me stay at her place with open arms. For walking with me under the heat of the scorching sun to find out a good place to dine w/c she didn't enjoyed but still laughed about it. For listening to me even if she's slumped with work. For giving me the courage to get a new cut. For letting me sing my heart out and belt as if no one was listening.For letting me be me and simply for being there for me.

My dilemma ended a little too soon that i still wanted to spend more time at that place called "home" . :)

You may not consider me as your bestest friend, but you made me feel like i am.

Thank you from the moon and back.


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Sunday, February 14, 2010 { 12:50 AM }

El Nido Day 1

This is supposed to be our anniversary trip but the boss and i can't afford going to El Nido by ourselves since the van alone that will take you there from Puerto Princesa is a whopping P16,000 already. So we invited our ex-officemates and friends whom we haven't seen for quite a while and divided everything with them. It only costed us P7,500 per person inclusive of 4 days and 3 nights accomodation, 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches, island hopping fees and the Underground River tour. After our Bacolod Trip, this is the second time that the boss and i got to go out of town with friends since we always go by ourselves to bond more. All in all it was a fun trip and i don't think it woul've been more enjoyable if it weren't for our friends. :)

Flight  was at 8am so we were there 2 hours before. As usual we did cam whore the whole morning while waiting.

(L-R) Ixie, me, Julia, Cacai and Mena

the boss, me and Ixie

Our plane ride was smooth and the plane wasn't full. I can't remember which airbus model it was but it was the biggest domestic plane i rode so far.

Once we arrived, we met with our other 2 friends who took a different flight since I totally forgot to invite them when we booked. Good thing they were able to secure a cheap flight 2 weeks before our trip. We were greeted by Mang Pepito (our contact before when the boss and i went to Puerto Princesa a few years back) who arranged our itinerary for the entire trip. First, it was a 2-hour ride to Sabang to see the Underground River. We had buffet lunch there and enjoyed the beauty of the beach while sipping fresh coconut juice. They served grilled fish, adobong manok, cucumber salad, adobong kangkong and other dish i don't remember anymore. But all in all, it was a great meal.

After lunch, we proceeded to ride the boat that will take us to the other island where the cave was. The boss and I weren't that much excited since we've been there before. But still, it was a relief to be surrounded by the sea, green trees and fresh air.

Parekoy and me


Marc and the boss

Our boat ride

ahhhhh! the beach! <3

the gang

There were a lot of tourists that day that we waited for 30 minutes for our turn. Compared to our trip a few years ago, we had a better boatman. I forgot his name already (yeah, i forget all the time) but he really made us laugh the entire time. I was wondering how they all came up with those jokes.

So after that,  we had our own share of cam whoring before returning to the main island. We freshened up and prepared ourselves for a 6-hour trip to El Nido town. Yes, 6 hours. The first 2 hours of the trip was okay. Lush greenfields, blue skies, typical nipa huts entertained us along the way. We also saw  a multitude of students walking their way home from school. I can really say that transportation in that side of town is really hard. In the middle of our trip, Mang Pepito said that we will be stopping over for dinner. He brought us to this restaurant where meals are for P50 and showcased a mini-playground, cute landscape and a lonely owl.


Wasn't able to take photos of the food because it was already dark when they served it. Nothing to rave about it though i don't know if we were just all tired or the food wasn't really good. All we know is  that it filled our bodies with the needed energy to withstand another 3-hour ride. Okay, now i'm gonna fast forward to our arrival at the resort because i don't want to remember how bumpy and dusty the road we took was and how it numbed all our asses. We arrived at Marina Gardens at around 11 in the evening. We reserved a total of 4 rooms and the boss and i spent the next 3 nights here:

While dragging our things to our rooms, we had a little misunderstanding with one of the guests who were already sleeping. (Clue: it involved a laos actress and her foreign bf). I won't go into details and all i can say is that Mena was our hero for the night. Haha! Love you pare!

We all settled in and called it a night since we were all exhausted from the all day's activities and cam whoring. :D


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