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Wednesday, June 10, 2009 { 5:34 AM }

the title-less entry

School's already started. Endless java programs. Ecosystem assignments which i think doesn't really have anything to do with my course. Redundant topics in Computer Architecture (really boring) and our dreaded Thesis A. I guess i need to drink Extra Joss or maybe Redbull (i need cocaine LOL) to keep me going. But lo and behold, i haven't even taken any kind of supplements like vitamin C or B12, or A-Z for the entire time of my back to school life.

Many are wondering how do i keep up with my everyday routine. I say i don't know. Really. Maybe my drive for continuing my life and having a very good future satisfies my craving to render a 9-hour shift at work and try to make my classmates laugh all day, spank miss divina's ass every time i see her and catch up with inday and khay about our everyday kilig kwentos and having the luxury of okrayin ang mga taong walang kwenta sa school (we're mean, but we're not the mean girls. just so you know).

I've been trying so hard to catch up with everyone through the net because they aren't feeling my presence anymore due to my schedule. (I would like to take this opportunity to thank Facebook, Multiply and Friendster) for feeding me with the updates of my friend's daily lives as well as their new beginnings into parenthood and new careers. But what i truly miss is hanging out with them. Laughing until you are breathless, getting home late (which doesn't apply to me), reminiscing all your fun moments together years ago including your petty cat fights , attending gigs and drinking all night and just being with them physically. Haaay..maybe the reason for this entry is because i miss going out again like what i used to do years 2004-2007 when i still had all the time in the world. i miss being worry free and just waking up late and doing things at my own pace and not bothering about how i am gonna squeeze my assignments during work.

Me thinks i'm still blessed to have friends that can go out with me when i'm free and take their time off just to grab the once in a year opportunity to hang out, laugh, reminisce and just be with me.

Pramis, babawi ako. SOON.

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